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A sign-in account enables you to:
  • Create your personal ad in the Profiles section of the website.
  • Reply to other personal ads.
  • View profiles and photos of members who have restricted access to members only.
  • Post messages to our contact forums.
  • Access additional information pages.
To create a sign-in account, complete and submit the form below. You will then receive an email containing a link that you can click to set your password and sign in.
Enter details for your account:
Your name, email address and date of birth will be treated as confidential information. Your location will only be shown in your personal profile, if you create one.
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Please take care to enter your date of birth correctly as it cannot be changed later, once it has been set.
Your date of birth is only needed if and when you create a personal ad, so it can be left blank and provided later. However, some events are limited to particular age groups and some people have restricted access to their personal ads, to make them visible only to people in specific age groups. Without your date of birth, we won't be able to show you any of those age-restricted personal ads. And, if you request event reminder emails, we won't be able to filter out events that are inapplicable for people of your age.