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At Guyslink we care about everyone who visits this website and we want you to live a long, happy and healthy gay life.
So please play safely, avoid unsafe sex, and most importantly, never have anal sex without a condom! It's simply not worth the risk to your life.
Risk Factors
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Be Prepared!
Guys can get horny much faster than they can get condoms.
If you sometimes think people are irresponsible for having unsafe sex, you are right. But it usually happens because an opportunity for sex arrived when they weren't prepared for it. And, of course, they didn't want to ruin the occasion by taking a break to go shopping at their local drug store.
Sex is spontaneous and nobody schedules their orgasms days in advance. So it makes no sense to hope for sex with an ideal guy, but to be completely unprepared for it when it happens. That's why all responsible gays guys make sure they always have condoms ready and waiting for when they might be needed.
If you don't own any condoms, maybe you're planning a life of celibacy, or maybe you just like taking enormous risks, or maybe you need to get some condoms now!
How To Use A Condom
  • Select a condom that is the right size for you.
    There are a variety of sizes and types, so try several until you find one that is comfortable and works best.
  • Buy latex condoms and avoid using condoms that are coated with Nonoxynol 9 spemicide.
  • Store condoms in a cool place away from heat or direct sunlight.
  • Check the date on the outside of a condom package to make sure it hasn't expired.
  • If you have never used a condom, practice putting one on in private, before the first time you have sex.
  • Use a condom every time you have anal sex, without any exceptions.
  • Put on a condom when you are erect but before any anal penetration.
    It is not safe to delay putting on a condom until you are about to cum.
  • Tear open the package at one corner being careful not to tear the condom. Don't open the pack with scissors!
  • Put a small blob of lubricant in the tip of the condom before putting it on.
    But do not put any lubricant on your penis before putting on a condom.
  • If you are uncut (not circumcised), then pull back your foreskin before you put on a condom.
  • To put on a condom, pinch the air out of the tip with one hand and unroll the condom over your penis with the other hand. Don't unroll a condom before putting it on!
  • If it won't unroll over your penis, you may have it inside out. Turn it over and try again.